What You Can Learn from a Fictitious Jose

You are a mashup of everything that's happening to you
A sweaty person struggling to run.
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You might not be Jose and he might not be real, but you are human — and as far as the metaphysics are concerned, pretty darn real.

You might not have a depression-induced eating disorder, but you might be going through something of a similar nature.

You might not be going through the bereavement of a dead spouse, but you might be living through an existential crisis from which you see no way out, no meaning, no hope.


But if you are going through any of these things in your life — and I’m sure you are — I’m writing this to tell you that it’s okay.

I’m writing this to tell you that it’s okay to feel a bit at sea.
To feel like that you are lost, adrift, disorientated.

And it’s important to me that you know it’s okay to not always feel okay.

Why? Because none of us feels okay 100 percent of the time.

Feeling not okay is part of being human.

* * *

And it is a dreadful thing that does not discriminate.

Kings, Queens, Presidents — they all go through it.

No one escapes from it. No one gets a free pass or gets to buy their way out from the difficulties of life.

Not even billionaires.

* * *

So take comfort in the fact that you are not alone in whatever it is that you are going through right now or at any given time — for everyone else too, is going through some rough patch or the other in their lives.

You are a mashup of all those things.

Those ups and downs in your life? Those ebbs and flows of your emotions? It happened to you for a reason.

That’s what made you “you” in your own unique way.
That’s what made you whole in your broken way.


And when you feel all is lost and all hopes are but a cruel joke, just remember that you are loved, and you matter.

You make a difference, and your existence makes a difference: To your kids, your family, to your friends.

Find strength in their love for you.

Use that to start loving yourself once again.
To work on yourself once again.
To work out, to hope, to dream.

And somewhere along the way, to be as light as feather and as free as a bird.

Because you can.

It’s entirely possible.


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