Let’s Talk About Our Egos’

A poem about how we have stigmatized the very existence of our egos’
A person in a red jumpsuit wearing an anonymous mask that is synonymous with our ego.
Photo by Tom Roberts on Unsplash


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I have it.
You have it.
Everyone has it.

Everyone loathes it.
Everyone vilifies it.
But no one admits to having it.
We tend to deny it — myself included.


I have it in plenty,
Yet I deny it fervently.
Hiding behind the mask of virtue,
I try to trick the masses,
and along with it,
my own conscience.

But in the middle of such trickery,
though it may be rare,
I begin to wonder. Why?

Why is that we deny it?
Why do we find shame in it?
And try to distance ourselves from it when
it’s also something that makes us, us?
When it’s also something that makes us human?

Looking for an answer, I look within.
And without a doubt, an answer appears.

In a world eschewed to virtue,
ego is considered a dirty word,
and an even dirtier truth about ourselves,
we are taught never to acknowledge.


Hence the denial,
the shame,
the disownment.

But deny it we must not,
find shame in it we must not,
and distance ourselves from it we must not.

Remove our insincere little masks of virtue we must,
accept ego as one of the base instincts of our existence we must,
and embrace this beautiful flaw that we all share we must.